When we hook up to the power grid we do not hook up directly to the distributor’s grid, but we need to have an intermediate point between the power grid and the interior of the place where we want to take the electricity, which delimits and separates both grids in a safe way. This is where the electrical connection comes into play.

There are two ways to classify electrical connections. The first is according to the voltage that we have contracted. In this case, we are talking about medium or low voltage, as these are the connections necessary for the final supply. The second is according to the type of connection, in this case subway connections, if they come through the ground, or aerial connections, if they come through a turret to the top.

Price of a rush

The cost of an electrical connection is not fixed, but depends on many factors. For example, the price may vary depending on the type of home, the distance from the distribution network, the work required, the permits, the quality of the land, etc. Nor does it cost the same to make a new connection as to reform an existing one, or to change it to have more power.

The distribution company assumes the installation of the connection to the user who requests it, and it will be this one who must pay the installation of the same one and all the necessary works to put it in march. In case the work and installation is done by an authorized company instead of the distributor itself, the applicant will have to pay it. In addition, in one way or another, the rush will become the property of the distributor.

The connection consists of a general switch, to which the consumer must have access. And also an earth connection for each installation to be carried out. To carry out the installation of connection is necessary to perform a preliminary study, and a subsequent approval. In addition, the distributor must also have a series of elements in this connection, which are not accessible to the user, such as the power point, conductors, ducts, the general connection panel, the cabinet and external grounding.

The entire installation must be carried out by professionals, either from the distributors themselves or from third parties.

If the previous requirements are not met, the connection cannot be discharged and, therefore, we will not have a power supply.

If the connection is made on land for development, and is less than 100kW, the customer will only have to pay the cost of connection to the network. Otherwise, the client could be asked for the whole installation cost.

When is it necessary to make an electrical connection?

Basically, an electrical connection must be installed when we do not have access to the electrical network. It is the first step before being able to contract light in a house or in a commercial place. This usually happens, above all, in newly built houses or premises, especially when we are the ones who have it built. But it can also happen that, if a place or a house has been abandoned for a long time, the connection is cancelled and it is necessary to register it again, or to do it again.

When the person in charge of all this is a construction company, or a promoter, they are usually the ones who take care of these procedures, for the user’s convenience.

How do you request an electrical connection?

To request a new electrical connection it is necessary to contact the distributor in our area. It will be this one who will make the budget of the necessary electrical installation for the “hookup” to the network, and all the necessary works until being able to have light in our house.

If you prefer that the connection is made by an authorized company, then we will also have to contact the distributor that corresponds to us so that they can send a technician to audit it and to register it to be able to begin to have light.

Can the electrical connection of a house be changed?

If the connection is installed in our home, or business premises, it is not necessary to change it. If everything is correct, works, and covers our needs, it would not make sense to do it again. However, if it is very old, it works badly or we need more power, or new meters, we will be able to make a reform, or improvement, in the connection.