Is your roofing system as secure as you assume? Up to 98% of buildings in New South Wales, Australia, do not fulfill updated job-related health and wellness standards. The Work health and safety policy 2001 Component 4.3, department 6 stipulations 56-61 states that a company must supply the list below problems for employees at height:

  • safe boundary screens, fencing, hand rails or other physical barriers capable of avoiding falls or, if this is not sensibly practicable,
  • other kinds of physical restraint that can detaining a loss from a height of greater than 2 metres or, if this is not reasonably possible,
  • arrangement of a risk-free means of activity between different levels at the place of work.
  • If your workers are working at height and also the estimated criteria are not being met, you are putting your employees at risk, as a result opening the door for severe lawsuits. So what can you do to prevent this, and also fulfill current occupational health and safety criteria?

If the job can not completed on the ground and also needs to be taken on close to the side of the roof covering, several choices are taken out of the formula. Of the remaining options, the most inexpensive, easiest and also for that reason the approach most typically utilized is setting up secure roof covering access systems.

Just how does a secure roof gain access to system work?

A secure roof access system is a fall-arrest system to avoid fatality and significant injury. It is a roofing brace point that is affixed by safe methods to the worker, for that reason avoiding the worker from being up to the ground. Safe roofing gain access to factors, or anchor factors, are installed over the surface area of the roof covering at routine periods. The employee connects his harness to the support point when they jump on the roof, thus securing themselves at height.

Just how can I pick a secure roof accessibility system?

When picking a support factor system you want to pick an item that is extensively checked, and also utilized by the professionals. Professionals such as rain gutter cleaners utilize safe access systems everyday, so they know what is a great system and also what is an inadequately developed system. The roofing accessibility system has to be appropriate for the kind of roof covering. There are roofing support points for tiled roof, concrete purlins as well as industrial sheeted roofing systems. It is necessary that the ideal sort of roofing system support is picked, as this can minimize the pendulum impact that can be created if a loss restriction system is improperly picked as well as mounted.

When evaluating an industrial roofing system for appropriate secure roofing system gain access to systems it is essential to get in touch with the criteria in the AS/NZS 1891: Industrial Loss Arrest Systems and also Tools. When choosing an anchor factor it is important to examine the abilities and layout of the safety and security point. Preferably you want a secure roofing system gain access to point that has 360 level accessibility, this permits fewer anchor points to be set up, yet still provides the very same safety.

One reason anchor factors are ending up being significantly common on industrial, household and also strata buildings is because they can be mounted individually. Unlike various other elevation safety systems you can progressively set up the anchors gradually, consequently giving a gradual as well as attainable outlay of monetary cost.

That can install a secure roofing system gain access to system?

In order to set up a fall security system a firm must carry out a Workcover authorized working at elevations course, as well as likewise a Workcover accepted building site induction. Ideally you want a company that not only mount risk-free roofing gain access to systems day-to-day, but likewise make use of risk-free roof accessibility everyday. This will ensure that they are aware of all the substantial elements that need to be thought about when installing elevation gain access to systems, so regarding ensure you obtain reliable and trustworthy anchor points to protect yourself, your staff, and all professionals working at elevation on your structure.

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