Electricity is part of our life and we cannot live without it, so we must treat this subject with caution and attention. We need to take some care to have a proper residential electrical installation.

Old and aged electrical installations cause serious accidents like fires and electric shocks. In addition, inefficient maintenance can put at risk the electrical installation of the entire property. Doing the proper maintenance and knowing some considerations is fundamental to avoid possible unforeseen events.

In this article, we will show some points of attention that must be observed in order to perform an adequate electrical installation. In addition, we will point out common errors that can happen during the installation process. Check it out!


All electrical installation services, whether residential or commercial, must be performed by professionals in the area and follow the guidelines of Brazilian standards. Some tips and care must be followed in the smallest details to avoid problems such as short circuits, poor performance of appliances, electric shocks and fires.


The first thing that must be done when starting a work or repairing real estate, be it home, industry or commerce, is the electrical project. It is fundamental for any type of electrical installation to be performed. Thus, you guarantee efficiency and safety when performing any electrical modification. With it, it is possible to identify the whole functional space of the environment and position, properly, lighting points, sockets and switches.

For the elaboration of quality electrical projects it is necessary to analyze how many and which types of circuit breakers can be installed. The suggestion is that each circuit has a circuit breaker, besides the general circuit breaker in the distribution board. Furthermore, they must be compatible with the electrical cables.

Grounding is very important to absorb electrical discharges, avoid shocks and prevent electronic equipment from burning. The project will also make the correct distribution of the outlets and the power that each one must have, depending on the place of installation and the equipment that will be connected to it.


Each environment of the property will have a specific need. The electrical project is able to say all the necessary points of light, sockets and switches that must be installed. Each room has a specificity and it is important to pay attention to all of them.


All and any electrical installation must be done by a qualified professional in the area. He is the one who will carry out the projects and execute them in compliance with the specific standards. In addition, he understands about all the quality materials that must be used and has the knowledge to solve any eventual problem.

The electrical system can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. Therefore, hiring a professional specialist avoids problems such as overload of circuit breakers, increased energy consumption and even the malfunctioning of electronic equipment. A good specialist also guarantees safety for your electrical project.


To ensure the safety of your property it is important to purchase quality materials for your work, because low quality inputs compromise the environment and can cause much headache. In the market there are several types of products that are not certified and do not follow the recommendations of the standards, and the use of this type of material can compromise the integrity of electrical installations.

Therefore, opting for very cheap objects to save money may not be a good alternative, because this initial feeling of savings can generate many expenses in the future with maintenance and repairs. Moreover, the use of bad materials puts at risk the security of the property and the people who use the space.


For any kind of work it is always important to use modern equipment in search of greater safety and efficiency in service. The resources used to make an electrical installation must also have quality and be in good condition. To make an electrical installation you will need a hammer, pliers, drill, screwdriver, among others. All these materials are found for sale or rent in specialized stores that offer more modern and safe equipment.


As we have seen, the first step to realize an electrical installation is to prepare the project. With it in hand, it will be possible to dimension the cables and protection devices through calculations. However, when designing the installation it is important that it compliesstandards.


At the time of electrical installation, some errors are common and can influence the quality of service and safety of the property. It is important to have knowledge to avoid problems and provide more tranquility for people who will enjoy the environment. Among the main ones are:

  • Overloading circuit breakers;
  • using circuit breakers that are incompatible with electrical cables;
  • not installing the residual differential (RD);
  • not using the correct gauges;
  • acquiring low quality materials;
  • Do not ground;
  • Use extensions in an inappropriate way.

Therefore, for any residential or commercial electrical installation work or renovation, it is important to hire a specialized professional. This specialist will do the project according to the required standards and will be able to solve any problems that may arise during the process.